Jan Zurek

Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO, Jan Zurek has been involved in international vehicle sales for most of his life. Starting with vehicle parts, and eventually opening a dealership in his home the Czech Republic, Jan founded Atlantic Auto Performance in Canada over 30 years ago. To this day, he is actively involved in overseeing the full workings of his still expanding company.

Jana Zurkova

Jana Zurkova has been with Jan since their beginning days in the Czech Republic both as a trusted wife and business partner. As Chief Financial Officer, Jana is tasked with the final oversight of all financial matters, maintaining Atlantic Auto Performance's strong financial footing. 

Daniel Krenek

European Sales Specialist
As the longest standing sales person of Atlantic Auto Performance, Daniel Krenek brings an un-matched knowledge of international sales to the team. Based out of a European office, Daniel is exceptionally placed to service all of Atlantic Auto's European clients. 

Christine Blackie

Office Manager
As Atlantic Auto's dedicated Office Manager, Christine Blackie is the vital asset that ensures the smooth continued daily function of everything which makes Atlantic Auto thrive. Christine's organizational and time management skills ensure all suppliers and clients are given the utmost attention.

Martina Berdenits

Canada / Mexico Logistics Co-Ordinator
As the first employee of Atlantic Auto Performance in Canada, Martina Berenits is the most dependable source to ensure the large volume of Canadian and Mexican sourced vehicles arrive with clients safely, securely, and in a timely manner. 

Joanne Ferguson

US Logistics Co-Ordinator
Joanne Ferguson is tasked with the co-ordination of the point A to point B transportation logistics for all of Atlantic Auto Performance's US sourced vehicles. With various US ports of exit and final destinations around the world, Joanne ensures each shipment is seamless.

Safwaan Patel

Parts and Accessory Specialist
Safwaan's background as a supply chain analyst and international freight  specialist lends perfectly to the ability of Atlantic Auto to supply multiple pallets of parts, delivered by airfreight, to clients in various international destinations.  

Marylou Estudante

Administrative Assistant
As Administrative Assistant, Marylou Estudante is the Atlantic Auto dependent person for any office needs. With a keen understanding of all business functions, Marylou is able to support all staff when called upon. 

Colin Atreo and Jason Mentore

Warehouse Managers
Atlantic Auto's Canadian warehouse is a very busy location. Everyday vehicles are arriving and departing. Incoming parts need sorting and shipping. Colin and Jason are a key part of the logistics process ensuring vehicles are delivered safely and on time for shipment to final destinations. 

Justin Nguyen

Our head of technology development, Justin, with a background in Finance and IT consulting, excels in streamlining businesses' digital aspects. He drives innovation, maximizes efficiency, and ensures successful digital transformations through up-to-date solutions and strategic guidance.

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